Order Cacellations

We sincerely hope that you will not place an order unless you really want the items you purchase. However we understand that mistakes can occur. You may cancel your order at any time before we charge your credit card or Paypal account and ship the goods (usually within one or two business days after we receive your order). Once we have shipped your order, however, we will consider the sale final. In such cases we will only accept the return of defective items. (Please refer to our Return Policy.)

If you must cancel your order, please do so via the Contact Form on this website. Please provide full information, including your invoice number so we can match your request with your order. Incomplete information may delay or make cancellation impossible.

We will make evey effort to check for cancellation requests before we ship. However, we will not be bound by a request which arrives at approximately the same time as your order leaves our facilities.

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